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Ukranian Defense Chief seemingly plagiarizes Steve Jobs' graduation speech


Raisa Bogatyrev, the Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense, is causing a stir with her recent graduation speech at Kiev-Mohyla Academy. According to transcripts, her speech was eerily similar to a commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs to the 2005 graduating class at Stanford University. Jobs' candid speech focuses on pursuing your dreams despite setbacks in life, including illnesses that bring you face-to-face with death.

According to the Ukrainian sources, some of Jobs' most memorable quotes from his speech were echoed by Bogatyrev in her address. The National Security Council responded to this accusation by pointing the finger at Bogatyrev who is the one responsible for the content of the speech. They claim she did not lift the speech but is inspired by a variety of sources, one of which may be Steve Jobs.

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