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WoW Moviewatch: Alliance vs. Horde: Firelands


The team over at TheWarpZone has put together a new WoW-themed video. Alliance vs. Horde: Firelands revisits the old Mac vs. PC format, although I really think of the Alliance vs. Horde series as its own creature; it's working within its own mythology at this point and developing its own character.

I'll admit the Horde had me going with its complaints about Ragnaros. Those sort of nitpicks and opinions are exactly the kind of thing we see in the official forums all the time, so I thought it was reasonable that might be the Horde's editorial stance. The Alliance vs. Horde series is a lot of fun. I'm always interested in the head-to-head style and the lighthearted, amusing opinions each character espouses.

By the way, if you don't follow TheWarpZone normally, jump back and check out this X-Men Born This Way parody.

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