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USB missile launchers from Dream Cheeky now Mac compatible


Let the office warfare begin. Tech toy manufacturer Dream Cheeky has released Mac software for its Storm O.I.C. and Thunder Missile Launchers. The "O.I.C." stands for "Over Internet Control." Now you can attack your cubicle competitors from six feet away or 6,000 miles.

The Storm can be controlled over the Internet by a simple messaging program. A side-mounted webcam lets you see who's approaching your stuff. You can even authorized other users to take control. The Thunder Launcher is for local combat and features a 4-foot USB cable. Both devices shoot foam "Missiles" at least twenty-five feet.

Dream Cheeky says that they'll be releasing Mac software for additional goodies in the future. Why do I think those launchers are something Dwight Schrute would own?

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