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Acer's creator Stan Shih calls iPad, MacBook Air "short-term phenomena"


The founder of Taiwan-based PC manufacturing firm Acer, Stan Shih, seems to be doing some wishful thinking out loud these days. He recently commented that the "fads" for ultrabooks and tablets are "short-term phenomena," urging notebook component suppliers to innovate and make more value-added products.

That isn't keeping Acer from coming out with their own competitors to the iPad and MacBook Air. Acer is mounting a competitor to the iPad in the form of a 7-inch Iconia tablet that should be hitting the market soon at a US$345 price point. A look at the company's product lineup for the U.S. shows an Aspire TimelineX notebook with a 1-inch "ultra-slender" design.

Shih did tip his hat to Apple, noting that Apple has been successful with the iPad through outside-the-box thinking that other notebook manufacturers should emulate.

Shih also commented that consumers want "products with low price and convenience," seemingly ignoring the fact that current competitors to the iPad such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP TouchPad, and BlackBerry PlayBook all seem to be having problems gaining a footing in the tablet market.

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