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Cave Story 3D includes 'expanded' stages and Prinny, but not original game


In an interview with Siliconera, NIS America producer Jack Niida hinted at a Prinny crossover in Cave Story 3D. "You can probably expect our most popular character in there. Aside from that, you might see him as an item, as well." Prinny is a shoo-in for NIS's most popular character, and it's been used in Cave Story 3D teaser images before (see above), so that's probably the dood in question.

Niida also offered a bit more info about the expanded content in the 3D version, which Nicalis hinted at during our preview. "For the old time fans of Cave Story, there aren't brand new stages," he said, "but what we did for these stages is we expanded it. So, there is more to it than there was before. There are new areas to explore; long time fans will definitely see the difference."

What won't be in Cave Story 3D is the original Cave Story. "That's one thing we were talking about too," he said, "but the problem was the amount of space on the card size. We sort of squeezed everything in and at this point we don't have enough space for it."

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