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Final Fantasy XIV's patch 1.18a due for Monday

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV's last major update wasn't so long ago, but another patch is set to go live on Monday. 1.18a contains nothing as large as the mechanical revisions found it its predecessor, but there are still some pretty big improvements, starting with an improvement to skill point rewards for levequests across the board. The biggest improvements will come for the rank 20-30 leves, but all players leveling Disciplines of War and Magic should notice an improvement. The leves will also reward points for shield skill when players have a shield equipped, something that has thus far been lacking.

In quality of life improvements, the visibility of several frames has been adjusted, a supplementary log window is being added for players to use, and the process of setting a crystal as the destination for Return has been changed. There's also a new emote being added to the system and the beginnings of the new tool-hiding functionality that will be finished in 1.19. 1.18a won't be the game-changer that 1.18 proved to be, but it looks to still be a solid update in its own right.

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