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Five Apps For Back To School

I can't believe it. August is here which means the summer is just about over and the back to school season is almost upon us. So go buy your books, sharpen your pencils and grab these five iOS apps to help you start off the school year on the right foot:

Grades 2 (Free)

Grades 2 is an app that will help you reach your target GPA. It'll let you input your classes, their assignments and your scores as the semester progresses. If you input a target grade, the app will tell you what you need to score on your assignments to reach your goal.

iHomework ($1.99)

iHomework is the ultimate organizer for students. It lets you keep track of courses, teacher information, assignments, grades and more. It has a built-in calendar and reminder system. It also works on your iPhone or iPad and has a Mac app so you can sync your information across all three devices.

Snoozerr ($0.99)

Snoozerr is an audio recording app that you can use to record lectures. It also integrates with the iPhone camera and lets you snap a photo during a lecture. The app will timestamp the photo so you can sync the visual content with the audio and get all parts of the lecture.

AroundMe (Free)

AroundMe is a GPS app that shows you points of interests like gas stations and banks around you. It's perfect for the first-year college student who's venturing out for the first time to a new location.

Guinness Pub Finder (Free)

Last but not least is the Guinness Pub finder app. One of the joys of upper-class college living is the ability to go out and have a good meal with a cold beer at a local pub. The pub finder app lets you find a local tavern that sells the hearty stout. It also lets you rate the establishment and receive tips on drinking a proper mug of Guinness. A 99-cent in-app purchase will add a trivia-based game or a gallery of Guinness images.

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