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New Darkfall video shows off redesigned Sandbrook

Jef Reahard

It's time for Aventurine's weekly Darkfall update, and today's blurb contains a few interesting nuggets about the town of Sandbrook. Apparently, the hamlet is undergoing a substantial facelift for Darkfall 2.0, and while it will remain a human village and hold on to its geographical location, players will find that it looks and plays quite differently.

Aventurine producer Tasos Flambouras tells us that "the city has been completely optimized and everything is conveniently located where players can find it easily." He also mentions that Sandbrook is no longer a starter town but is instead a human factional city.

Sandbrook is a picturesque location despite the proximity of a nasty goblin tribe, and the town is home to a small band of humans who settled on the banks of a river in the shadow of some enormous Nithron ruins. Head past the cut for a brief look at the new and improved Sandbrook courtesy of Aventurine's latest Darkfall video.

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