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    Syncomatic effortlessly gets your iPhone photos to your Mac

    Mel Martin

    Syncomatic is a pretty cool solution for updating your iPhoto or Aperture library with the latest images and movies from your iPhone.

    The US$2.00 app is not the only app that syncs photos but it does do this in the background. To get things started, download a small companion app to your Mac. When launched, it puts an icon in your menubar. Click it to choose a destination for your photos (iPhoto, Aperture, or just a folder).

    Once that's done, each photo added to your iPhone's camera roll will be instantly recognized by the Mac app. You can see what is synced and what syncs are in progress.

    The sync works over Wi-Fi, not the 3G network. iOS5 will have something similar wireless photo sync via iCloud, and I really like the whole hands-off approach. Imagine returning from a vacation or a day out, and the app goes to work silently and without any intervention from you.

    One nit to pick. There isn't any documentation to speak of. When I ran the app on my Mac, I had no idea to look for the new menubar icon. An official FAQ is being done today, but it should have been there when the app was offered for sale. The menubar icon is easy to miss.

    I like Syncomatic. It does what it is designed to do, all without my even having to think about it. I've added it to my photo app folder, and expect to use it quite a bit.

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