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Gamestop bundling Resistance 3 with PlayStation 3DTV anyway (if you preorder)

Jordan Mallory

In an effort to prove that Sony ain't the boss o' them, Gamestop will be bundling Resistance 3 with each pre-order for the now-MotorStorm-infused PlayStation-branded 3DTV, launching this November. It's also possible that Gamestop is simply honoring its existing pre-orders while sweetening the pot to attract new buyers, but where's the fun in that?

As weird as pre-ordering a television set is, having two 3D-capable games certainly adds a little extra something to deal, and when you're spending $500 on anything it's important to get your money's worth. It will be interesting to see if other retailers follow suit, but considering the fact that this is a 24-inch 3DTV, we doubt potential buyers will have room for anything larger than another disc.

[Thanks, MLC!]

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