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US map shows which states trend toward iOS versus Android


A report from mobile advertising firm Jumptap has been compiled into a handy map that shows which US states trend toward Android or iOS usage. By measuring ad click stats from the 83 million users on its network, Jumptap determined the areas of the country where more ads were being clicked on Android versus iOS versus BlackBerry.

As the map shows, most of the US west of the Mississippi trends toward Android, while most of the Midwestern and Northeast states are showing iOS dominance. New York, Maryland, and Virginia are hotbeds of BlackBerry activity, which isn't at all surprising considering the preponderance of business and governmental users in those parts of the country. With RIM on the decline, it'll be interesting to see how this map changes over the next couple years.

As GigaOm says, this map could be of use to advertisers who want to target more users in their area. If an advertiser's state is ruled by Android according to Jumptap's stats, it might want to target that platform more aggressively than iOS.

You know what survey result I really want to see? How many of these highly-prized ad clicks are served up by people tapping them accidentally when they're just trying to scroll around a webpage? In my case, it's roughly 100 percent.

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