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Gigantic LED wall provides gaming at Sziget Fest, destroys your cred from miles away

Billy Steele

We can't think of a better way to promote your company than with a 30 meter high (10 stories) tower filled with all sorts of tech goodness. Vodafone plans on doing just that, with what will be the tallest building in Hungarian festival history at next week's Sziget Festival. This monstrosity will not only be a lookout platform, but it will employ 250 square meters (about 2690 square feet) of LED walls. For what, you might ask? Why, gaming of course -- festival goers can play Rocket Bullet Storm, if they're man or woman enough to risk their gamer cred in front of thousands. If using 1.5 million LED units wasn't enough to entice attendees, the structure will also offer free internet access, charging stations and host DJ sets that last through the night. We can only hope that this will catch on elsewhere, so that our Michael Jackson: The Experience skills can be broadcast for miles.

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