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Nyko Zoom potentially delayed one month [update]

Jordan Mallory

Look honey, we know you're anxious to start waving your arms around, but your Kinect might need a little more time to get over its fear of intimacy. We know you were hoping the Nyko Zoom, the close-encounters enabling Kinect lens cover, would bridge the gap between you two. We know you've been looking forward to that August 13 release date with bated breath, but it looks like you're going to have to wait a little longer.

According to Amazon and Gamestop listings for the product, the peripheral-peripheral's launch has been pushed back until September 13. We've reached out to Nyko for confirmation, but at the moment it looks like your tiny dormroom will remain Kinectimals-free for another month. Your Kinect loves you, it really does, it just needs its space right now, you know?

Update: We've heard back from Nyko, and things are exactly as they seem: "Due to overwhelming demand from consumers and retailers we're increasing our initial production run and pushing the launch date back accordingly to ensure that all our partners are adequately supplied on launch day."

[Thanks, Sacra!]

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