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Cut the Rope: Experiments brings some new twists to the popular property


Besides Doodle Jump, if there's one game I could never get sick of playing on my iPhone, it's Cut the Rope. In the game, you use your finger to "cut" ropes that release candy that (hopefully) end up in a green little creature's big mouth. Other fans of Cut the Rope will be pleased to learn that the sequel was released last week.

Cut the Rope: Experiments retains all the things you loved from the first one: challenging puzzles, realistic physics, and that cute little green creature, known as Om Nom after the sound he makes, that loves candy. But the game adds several new features, such as the Professor who is trying to figure out how Om Nom arrived in a package outside his house. The Professor provides running commentary as you play through 75 new levels and some added game elements like suction cups and rope shooters. The farther you advance the more the back story of Om Nom will be revealed through hidden photographs and animations.

Despite the added story line elements Cut the Rope: Experiments retains all the fun an playability the first one did and is recommended for anyone who loves feeding candy to little green monsters. Cut the Rope: Experiments is US$0.99 in the App Store.

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