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Deus Ex HD texture update enables more humane resolution, in time for Human Revolution

With the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution just two weeks away, it's a perfect time to remind our younger readers that while it may be developer Eidos Montreal's debut project, it's not the first game in the series. That distinction belongs to 2000's Deus Ex, developed by Ion Storm Austin under the watchful eye(s) of Warren Spector (think: Epic Mickey) and Harvey Smith (think: the newly unveiled Dishonored). If you've never played it, Deus Ex: New Vision may not make that process easier, but it will make it more palatable.

New Vision is a mod four years in the making, which updates Deus Ex's aging visuals (they weren't much to look at in 2000!) "with around 75% of the world textures remastered at high definition." We've got some screens in the gallery below, and a year-old video of the beta above. If you're interested, grab the mod from Mod DB at the Source link below.

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