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Google+ iOS app now compatible with iPad


Last June when Google started rolling out its new Facebook challenger, Google+, it didn't take long for the company to release an iPhone app. However, that iPhone app couldn't run on an iPod touch or an iPad. That's been rectified now as today Google has updated the Google+ iOS app to bring support to the iPod touch and iPad. But for you Google+ fans, don't get too excited. The Google+ iOS app still is not a universal app. Google has simply enabled the iPhone version of the app to run on the iPad.

That means that if you choose to run the Google+ app on your iPad, you'll be running it in 2x mode to try to take advantage of the iPad's large screen. It also means that Google joins a long list of social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn who are taking forever to get legitimate iPad apps out. To be fair, Google+ is newer than the rest, but if the company really wants to take on Facebook it should be leading by example and getting a native iPad app out there ASAP.

Besides the iPad "compatibility," today's update brings Huddle settings and aggregated circle add notifications along with the usual performance and stability improvements. Google+ is a free download.

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