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MV Guide: August 8-14, 2011

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

MV Guide is a weekly rundown of the MMO gaming events planned on Massively's Livestream channel.

Every week, the Massively staff logs in to play various MMOs live and in person, and we'd love for you to drop by the channel and visit. We have a combination of regular weekly games and new surprises, so you'll find a variety of titles to take a look at. During livestream events, you can participate in the live chat, ask questions to learn about the game, and simply spend some time with Massively staff and readers. (Of course, livestream events are subject to the whims of outside forces like server-side gremlins once in a while.)

Follow along after the jump to see what's scheduled for this week!

Monday, 5:00: p.m. EDT: Beau -- Hero Smash
This adorably kick butt super hero MMO from Artix (the same people who made AdventureQuest Worlds and others) needs to be streamed, so Beau is going to swoop in and do it. It's actually a pretty cool and complex game with a lot of customization.
Tuesday, 5:00: p.m. EDT: Beau -- Free Realms
Beau is revisiting one of his favorite social MMOs, Free Realms on Rise and Shiny this week, so of course he simply must stream it! Come watch and be jealous of his super-sweet pad.
Tuesday, 6:30 p.m. EDT: Patrick -- Champions Online
Patrick takes you on the second portion of Champions Online's Aftershock -- after Part 1 and 2, our hero and the force of UNTIL troopers has been stranded far from home in a hellish nightmare. Will they survive? What does this awful dimension have in store for them?
Wednesday, noon EDT: Brandon -- Star Trek Online
Hang out with Brandon for an afternoon full of Star Trek Online as he takes a group through one of the game's most infamous STFs, The Cure. While this raidisode is often failed by many groups running it, Brandon hopes to show you a few tips and tricks that will make your next attempt a smooth one. While watching, feel free to join in the chatroom to ask your questions about the mission and his tactics.
Thursday, 5:00 p.m. EDT: Beau -- Tribal Trouble 2
Ah, vikings. Such a perfect people for a browser-based MMORTS. This game has nice graphics, fun interaction and a sense of humor. Tune in as Beau figures out how to not suck at it.
Thursday, 9:00 p.m. EDT: Justin -- RIFT
Throw on your favorite fedora and join Justin as he goes rift-chasing through Telara! He'll spend an hour or so hopping between dynamic events and hoping for an epic invasion to blot out the sun.
Friday at 6:00 p.m. EDT -- Choose My Adventure
Larry Everett is going to need a lot of help choosing which game he's going to play. This Friday, our adventurer will introduce you to each of the possible games he will explore in the coming weeks. Be sure to read this week's Choose My Adventure for advance notice of which games will be shown.
Friday, 8:00 p.m. EDT: Jeremy -- Runes of Magic
Okay. Jeremy has a confession to make. He's not quite sure what to call those region-based events strewn throughout Taborea. World events? Public encounters? Public-world-event-encounters? While trying to pin down the official term, Jeremy will be showing some off -- and trying to figure out the more confusing ones. Help Jeremy in-game, in the livestream-chat or both.

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