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Nintendo celebrates Zelda's 25th with new website


To celebrate 25 years of Octorok abuse, Nintendo has launched a commemorative website. The Zelda 25th Anniversary site is home to a mess of goodies aimed at your nostalgia core, including an interactive history of the series, some wallpapers and a video of the 2011 E3 keynote where a live symphony played music from the games.

For you more artistic types, Nintendo is also asking for your Zelda-themed Flipnote Studios animations, with the best entries receiving top billing on the Zelda 25th site. You can also send in a paper drawing, if you prefer, but we don't know if that'll actually make it onto the site. Flipnote Studios, as you may recall, is available as a free download on the DSi and DSi XL. Nintendo will take submissions from now on through September 9.

The 25th Anniversary site is live right now, so click over if you're looking to take a trip down memory lane. Or, if you're like us and have had enough, feel free to sign our petition. If we don't help the Octorok, who will?!

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