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Humble Indie Bundle 3 surpasses $2 million, fewer than 12 hours left

Justin McElroy

It's time to pay the piper. ... And yes, we're talking to you, indie games.

We here at Joystiq have long been supporters of the independent game design scene and now that the third Humble Indie Bundle has surpassed $2 million in sales, we figure it's time indies returned the favor. Now, like doting parents advancing into their sunset years, we'll move down to Edgewater Pointe Estates in Boca Raton, kick our feet up and tell them to send the bill to our beloved "Indie Games."

By the way, you've got fewer than 12 hours to buy the bundle, which will now net you 12 games if you donate more than the average ($5.81 at the moment). But hey, why not give a little more than that? We've had our eye on a new Rascal.

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