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Kard Combat bringing out big update, talks IAP conversion and community


Kard Combat is a recent iOS release from Hothead Games that's been doing very well on the App Store, and the title is set to see its first big update today. Four new mages are being added for players to play through, including card decks based on Demon, Chaos, Deception, and Arcane magic, and two new game modes. Challenge mode adds additional challenges and goals to the standard gameplay, and timed multiplayer requires that multiplayer turns be taken within three minutes, making for relatively quick games. The update also includes a number of new options and features -- most of the standard features will obviously be free for anyone who's already downloaded the app, though of course the new campaigns will be available via in-app purchase. Anyone who's purchased the full game already for US$9.99 will of course get all of the new content for free.

As I said, Kard Combat has been doing very well -- Hothead producer Hamish Millar tells TUAW that while they can't reveal actual numbers behind in-app purchases, "we have a very active multiplayer community of which most have made a purchase." The most popular option so far has been the $2.99 purchase for the first four decks. Millar also says that Hothead's very happy with how the game has been received and reviewed, picking up a very committed player community and lots of feedback to go with it.

This game's a little more hardcore than something like Angry Birds, so I wouldn't expect it to be quite that big. Still, Hothead seems to have a nice hit on their hands, and the card game model is something already proven to use DLC as a successful way of extending a game's life over a long period of time. Kard Combat looks like it's well on the way to being a very popular and profitable iOS IP.

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