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Ken Levine talks BioShock: Infinite on PS3, Move functionality


Do you really need an excuse to watch Ken Levine talk about BioShock: Infinite? Fine, for starters, he discusses the game's PlayStation Move support and his thoughts on the Vita. Second, he's rocking a sweet beard. Now watch it already.

PS Blog also posted a few choice quotes from the designer about the process of creating Infinite for the PS3, noting specifically that, unlike the first BioShock, Infinite has been designed with the PS3 in mind from the outset. Levine noted that Irrational has become "very familiar" with the console and that the team is working to "leverage" the hardware as best it can.

Levine also discussed the subject of replayability. While he wouldn't confirm whether or not Infinite will have a "new game plus" mode, Irrational is putting "a lot" of thought into the game's longevity. "People will see more as time goes on," Levine noted.

Head over to PlayStation Blog for more info, including Levine's thoughts on 3D, politics in games and the PS Vita.

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