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PSA: Nintendo 3DS available at Walmart for $170 today (get your 20 free games!)

As rumored by Cheap Ass Gamer, Walmart has indeed kicked off the massive price cut on the Nintendo 3DS a few days before the competition, bringing the price of the handheld to a cool, crisp $170. Not only is this good for the obscenely impatient among you, but it also means that early purchasers will be able to get the lower price and the 20 free downloadable games which were meant to be reserved for the console's earlier adopters.

Most of the Walmart locations we called to check on the cut confirmed the lower price, though some seemed to have not gotten the memo quite yet. Make sure you call ahead to your location before you make the drive to avoid wasting all your precious time and even-more-precious gasoline.

[Thanks, Rippe!]

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