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Sixaxis Controller Android app makes firing off hadoukens easy as pie (video)


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N900 owners have been able to press their Sixaxis controllers into service on their handsets for quite sometime, but Android tablets have been stubbornly stuck to a USB tether. That is, until now. Dancing Pixel Studios' Sixaxis Controller app for Android does exactly what you expect -- allows you wirelessly control games on your Google-powered device with a PS3 gamepad. It's not the simplest setup on Earth. You'll need to be rooted, and before you can pair it with your phone or tablet you'll have to connect to a PC via USB and fire up the SixaxisPairTool. The app also doesn't play nice with most HTC devices or newer Samsung ones. Thankfully, before you drop your hard-earned $1.67 on the app you can download the free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. Don't miss the video after the break, and hit up the source links to download both now and make pulling off a hadouken that much easier.

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