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THQ lets 200 go, shifts development focus away from kids and licensed titles


THQ has high hopes for its fiscal Q3 (October through December) this year, this much we all know. And in light of recent disappointments (looking at you, Red Faction Armageddon!), the company has announced that it's shifting its focus away from kids and movie-based licensed titles, closing down two development studios in Australia and nixing its Phoenix-based development team. Overall, 200 people have gotten the axe, though they're able to apply for other vacant THQ positions.

THQ's five main studios will continue working on their own projects: THQ Montreal will continue to work on Patrice Désilets' unannounced game; Volition will continue work on Saints Row: The Third and its collaboration with Guillermo del Toro, inSANE; Relic's getting ready to launch Space Marine; Vigil is busy with Darksiders 2 and its MMO, Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online; and THQ San Diego will continue to handle the WWE All-Stars series.

Finally, like Red Faction before it, THQ will hang up the MX vs ATV series -- the latest entry (obviously) didn't do so well.

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