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Resident Evil: Retribution brings back Alice, adds Barry and Leon


If you're anxiously awaiting the next Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil joint, we've got to ask: "Why?" We can't imagine anyone is dying to see another one of these trainwrecks (in 3D again, no less!), but if you are, some new details on Bloody Disgusting may interest you. Milla Jovovich will reprise her role as Alice in the next film, which now has an official title: Resident Evil: Retribution. Her husband, Paul W.S. Anderson, will once again direct.

Resident Evil: Retribution currently has a tentative release date of September 14, 2012. Sienna Guillory, who played Jill Valentine in the second film (and made an appearance in the last movie), will return, she has said on Twitter -- though BD says that role is being recast. Also, according to BD, Barry Burton and Leon S. Kennedy will both make appearances in Retribution.

Filming for Resident Evil: Retribution will begin in October.

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