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S'all about style, baby: Carbine Studios' Matt Mocarski on art and design


Nothing seems to stem the tide of dev diaries flowing out of NCSoft's Carbine Studios, and that's just fine by us. Today we have a new post from Carbine's art director Matt Mocarski regarding the visual style of their upcoming title, and which just so happens to include a sneak peek at a screenshot from the title's upcoming debut trailer (which you can see as the header to this post).

According to Mocarski, the team began work on the project with a simple goal for the art: It had to be unique and iconic; something that would be instantly recognizable as belonging to Carbine's MMO. With that in mind, the artists began drawing on the collective influences of the team, specifically American and European comics and American and Japanese animation, and came together with an art style that would be unique and memorable for their future fantasy game. It took a few iterations, but eventually the team settled on what Mocarski describes as an illustrated and hand-crafted style. Judging by the still provided, we think it's going to be quite interesting to see the team's work in motion when the game premieres at Gamescom next week.

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