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Target drops Nintendo 3DS price to $170 today (get those 20 free games!)


Target has dropped the price of the Nintendo 3DS to $170, a response likely initiated by yesterday's opening shot from Walmart. A Target employee tells Joystiq, "There is a message board out to every store that the price changes are active today. Price changes must be activated by corporate."

Officially, the Nintendo 3DS drop is to occur on August 12, reducing the current $250 asking price by thirty percent. Nintendo still has its early adopter bonus going until August 11, meaning if you grab one of these reduced 3DS units, you're still good to get the 20 free downloadable games once you register.

Now, we wait and see if every other retailer jumps into the price cut pool before Walmart and Target siphon all the sales.

[Thanks, Natrino.]

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