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Exclusive: Lucent Heart shows off the Scaena expansion's dance moves

Eliot Lefebvre

Anyone can win in a fight where your mettle is tested by firearms and swords, but Lucent Heart is pushing players to battle in the arena where true victories are forged: the dance floor. That's the central feature shown off in the new trailer for the upcoming Scaena expansion, in which characters will be able to create custom dances set to custom music and then fight for dominance on the dance floor in exchange for powerful new rewards. Yes, this a real thing.

There's more to the expansion than just the opportunity to set your dance troupe on fire with a Nyan Cat-based dance routine. There are new guild-vs.-guild battles, new areas for players to explore, and new enemies for players to fight. But you don't have to take our word for it; the trailer is just past the break to show off all of the coming update's moves. (And the Nyan Cat dance is also a real thing, for the record.)

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