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HTC Mazaa's awarded in dev contest, winners promptly splay (and auction) them to world

Zachary Lutz

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What would you do if you'd won an unannounced smartphone that sported Windows Phone Mango? Naturally, we hope you'd first send us the dirt, but what if you were a college student and knew the weekend was rapidly approaching? Undergrad winners of Microsoft's WPAppitUp competition are facing this smartphone / cheap beer conundrum, as they're now holding HTC Mazaas as prizes, yet many are selling them for cash instead.

If you'd like to adopt an orphan, the phones come with Qualcomm's MSM8655 SoC -- the same as the Thunderbolt and Droid Incredible 2 -- which supports (but may not feature) dual mode GSM / CDMA for world roaming. A 1GHz Scorpion CPU and the Adreno 205 GPU are in the mix, and while the over-sized earpiece seems to indicate that this is the same 12-megapixel monster previously shown off by Eldar Murtazin, one of the contest winners, Heedeok Lee, informed us that the camera is actually of 5 megapixel resolution only. Frankly, it's unclear whether the Mazaa is heading for retail shelves at all, but if you're wanting an early taste of Mango, you should consider befriending a thirsty student developer.

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