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InteractiveTop brings tabletop gaming to SIGGRAPH, doubles as Inception token (video)

Darren Murph

MoleTop a little too passive for you? Fret not, as a team from The University of Electro-Communications popped by this year's installment of SIGGRAPH in order to showcase something entirely more vicious. It's air hockey meets bumper cars, and the InteractiveTop demo was certainly one of the stranger ones we came across here in Vancouver. Put simply, it's a virtual game of spinning tops, where users use magnet-loaded controllers to shuffle tops across a board and into an opponent's top. There's an aural and haptic feedback mechanism to let you know when you've struck, and plenty of sensors loaded throughout to keep track of collisions, force and who's hitting who. Pore over the links below for more technobabble, or just head past the break for an in-action video.

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