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One Shots: I got a fever

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Today's One Shots turns from film to music as ArenaNet attempts to fit as many pop-culture jokes as possible into a single Guild Wars quest:
The quest is called "More Cowbell." Eurus has a magical cowbell that will ward off the plague, but he was attacked and dropped it in a nearby bed of blue oysters. If you accept the quest to find it for him, talking to him again will trigger his plea: "Please, Cantha is rife with plague and the only inoculation is my blessed cowbell!" The only cure is more cowbell, so off you go to find it.

When you succeed, the quest reward text says "It is often said among my people that a great reaver guides us all to the next life, digging through the sky of jade and leading the dead to the great, wide sea in the stars. With this cowbell, I will show them that we have no need to fear the reaver.""
We're celebrating pop culture in our MMOs this week. Developers sneak references in all over games, whether it be via NPCs, quests, or items, and we want to see your favorites. Grab a screenshot, tell us a bit about what it is, and send it to We'll be featuring the best of these all week.

It's also time to start thinking about next week's One Shots theme, and we'll be revisiting an old favorite: environments. Snap a screenshot of your favorite MMO vista and send it in, and we'll feature it on One Shots next week!

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