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Warspear Online update features new currency, numerous gameplay tweaks

Jef Reahard

If you've never heard of Warspear Online, now's a great time to broaden your horizons. The mobile MMO from AIGRIND has just released its Legacy of Berengar update which brings "many changes and improvements" to the fantasy title.

Chief among these changes are the miracle shop and miracle coins, the latter of which serve as a new currency available for real-world money. Also noteworthy is the addition of a friends list, a minimap, two-handed weapons and heavy armor, and new rune and crystal special items that players may slot in their equipment to enhance its characteristics.

Warspear has also transitioned from a ranking system to a leveling system, and there are various tweaks and bug fixes in the update as well. The official Warspear forums feature a post with all of the details, so be sure to head over and give it a look-see.

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