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Champions Online gives players the full Aftershock treatment

Eliot Lefebvre

The first comic series for Champions Online has come to a close, and it certainly made an impact, which makes it more than a little ironic that it's titled Aftershock. But what would a good comic series be if it didn't get a collected edition after it finished? The completed series is now available in-game, and rather than simply allowing players who've experienced the first run a rehash of the old material, the completed series offers a bit more incentive.

Four new rewards can be picked up from the complete series -- a serpent cowl, a new sword, a new aura, and a quartet of action figures. In addition, the complete series features dynamic panels and all of the same core gameplay that debuted with the individual issues. So if you've been meaning to run your way through the series but hadn't quite gotten around to doing so, now would be the perfect time.

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