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Conspiracy unleashed: Funcom reveals The Secret World plans for Gamescom


The mass global conspiracy to hide the insidious secrets from the public cracked wide open as Funcom revealed that The Secret World is set to reveal the truth at Gamescom.

If you're 16 years or older and attending the convention, head over to Hall 6 to check out Funcom's closed theater where a 20-minute live demo of one of the game's dungeons, The Polaris, will take place. Developers will also be on hand to talk about dungeon crawling, combat, progression, the skill wheel, and boss fights during the presentation.

All players, regardless of age, can take an "initiation test" to see what secret society they should join -- sort of like a much more sinister sorting hat or guidance counselor.

The studio will also be talking to the press about large-scale PvP, so hopefully we'll be learning more details about this aspect of the game next week!

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