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Cyclone Display exemplifies 'multi-colored expression,' totally heading to a nightclub near you (video)

Darren Murph

Ever heard of Yoichi Ochiai? You have now. Hailing from Japan's University of Tsukuba, this whizkid was on hand here at SIGGRAPH to showcase one of his latest creations -- and it just so happened to be one of the trippiest yet. The Cyclone Display was a demonstration focused on visual stimulation; a projector shown above interacted with a plate of spinning disks. Underneath, a cadre of motors were controlled by a connected computer, and as the rotation and velocity changed, so did the perceived pixels and colors. The next step, according to Ochiai, would be to blow this up and shrink it down, mixing textures in with different lighting situations. With a little help, a drab nightclub could douse its walls in leopard print one night, or zebra fur another. Interactive clubbing never sounded so fun, eh? You know the drill -- gallery's below, video's a click beneath.

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