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Daily iPhone App: A Game With Balls


This game's title isn't just cheeky -- it's pretty literal. A Game With Balls definitely has lots of balls in it -- you play as a sort of cannon that shoots balls, and there are various balls and other shapes slowly floating down the screen towards you. The balls you fire have a little bit of weight to them, and so it's a physics action game as you try to shoot away the invading shapes with your own ammo.

The title's not bad, though it gets a little repetitive -- "beating" each stage basically just requires you to sit there shooting for as long as possible, so while there are separate mechanics for each of the four stages (or themes, as they're called -- each one has a different graphical look and feel), there's really just the one premise to play with. Still, the physics work well, and the graphics are solid and well-done, so if you want a little something fun to whittle away the time, this one's worth a look.

A Game With Balls is out now for only US 99 cents as a universal app. There is full Game Center integration, and the developers promise more content is coming soon.

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