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Indie Games Summer Uprising sheds light on its release schedule


The Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising schedule has dawned upon us in full, scorching glory, so turn up your A/C units, grab your sunglasses and take a look at the two-week lineup below:
  • Monday, August 22: Raventhrone
  • Tuesday, August 23: Battle High: San Bruno
  • Wednesday, August 24: Cute Things Dying Violently
  • Thursday, August 25: T.E.C. 3001
  • Friday, August 26: Doom and Destiny
  • Monday, August 29: Take Arms
  • Tuesday, August 30: SpeedRunner HD
  • Wednesday, August 31: Train Frontier Express
  • Thursday, September 1: Fan Vote #1
  • Friday, September 2: Fan Vote #2
The Fan Vote games will be selected through the IGSU Facebook poll running August 1-15, with the winners announced August 16 at 9 p.m. EST on the #IGSU Twitter chat, where fans will be able to speak directly with developers and behind-the-scenes personnel. This official schedule differs from the expected "two games per week, for four weeks" timetable we expected, but it does give us two extra indie gems this summer. We're not complaining.

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The Summer Uprising release schedule is now available!

After a summer of anticipation, the titles which comprise the Indie Games Summer Uprising are ready to launch!

Enclosed is the list of release dates you've all been waiting for:

Week 1

Mon Aug 22nd - Raventhorne
Tues Aug 23rd – Battle High: San Bruno
Wed Aug 24th - Cute Things Dying Violently
Thurs Aug 25th - T.E.C. 3001
Fri Aug 26th - Doom and Destiny

Week 2

Mon Aug 29th - Take Arms
Tues Aug 30th - SpeedRunner HD
Wed Aug 31st – Train Frontier Express
Thurs Sept 1st - Fan vote #1
Fri Sept 2nd – Fan vote #2

The #IGSU Twitter Chat will be held on Tuesday Aug 16th – 9PM EST, and the gaming community will have the ability to speak directly with the developers, organizers, and journalists in a roundtable style chat. The two fan vote winners will be announced at this time as well. Fret not though, as there are still a few more days to get your fan votes in at the IGSU Facebook page! Polls close Monday, August 15th at 1PM EST.

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