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MDK2 HD arriving 'this September' on Beamdog, former BioWare dev's service

Roughly a year after being announced, and just 4 months after parachuting onto WiiWare, the PC re-release of MDK2, titled appropriately enough MDK2 HD, has a release date of "this September." The port of BioWare's classic sequel is being handled by former BioWare co-founder Trent Oster's Beamdog outfit, under the name Overhaul Games. The release itself will be hosted on the Beamdog digital distribution service, which beams (dog?) games to your computer, with no installation needed.

This HD-ification is being handled by Oster and other "BioWare veterans" like Cameron Tofer, Russ Rice and Sean Smailes, "who were all heavily involved in the development of the original." Oster says, "MDK2 HD really is a labour of love for us. We've spent a lot of time improving the visuals and gameplay, and we can't wait to see what people think!" To that end, the developer is looking for suggestions from fans on what they'd like to see improved.

Don't have any suggestions? Never played the original? That's okay. Tofer, COO at Overhaul Games, says, "We think MDK2 HD has the sort of visuals, humor and great gameplay that can draw in not only existing fans of the game, but a brand new audience that just wasn't able to experience its magic the first time around." You can find out this September, for $14.99.

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