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We who are about to PvP salute you: Guild Wars 2 to partake in e-sports at Gamescom


If we aren't warring between guilds, it's not a Guild Wars title, right? Fortunately, ArenaNet thinks so too, and the studio has great plans for the PvP portion of its upcoming Guild Wars 2. Conventioneers heading to this month's Gamescom will not only get to check out the game in its shiny glory, but have the opportunity to participate in bloodthirsty PvP matches for the world to see.

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) will be hosting PvP matches of Guild Wars 2 in its arena during the trade show, and everyone is invited to tune in to watch. Matches will take place between individuals and guilds, with a few developers mixing it up as well. These PvP bouts will then be broadcast on the ESL website, and developer showmatches will be followed by Q&A sessions about the PvP portion of the game.

Guild Wars 2 has a busy schedule at Gamescom, with plenty of developer panels, demos, and prize giveaways planned.

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