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Watch SUPER iam8bit host more than 1,000 gamers on opening night, be jealous


If you don't already feel completely unhip for not yet attending the SUPER iam8bit exhibition in Los Angeles, this video will help depress you to the appropriate levels of self-loathing. The new SUPER iam8bit gallery in Echo Park looks like a little slice of gamer heaven on the West Coast, and if those lines are anything to judge by, los angeles can't wait to get in.

The show runs until September 10, so if you like what you see in the video above and additional artwork below, head down to Cali and check out founder Jon Gibson's gaming gallery. Gibson plans on hosting a myriad of events in his new space, and we'll be on the lookout for news about chiptune concerts and screenings of Super Mario Bros. in the near future.

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