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We put Steam in your Rage so you can Rage while you Steam and not use Origin


Bethesda is putting the Rage back in cloud storage, announcing yesterday that id Software's FPS will use Steamworks on PC. Confirmation came via the Bethesda Twitter, which simply stated, "Since folks are asking... we can confirm that RAGE will use Steamworks on PC." Steamworks will allow Rage developers to take advantage of the Steam client, including DRM, voice communication, multiplayer hosting and achievement features.

This was all almost an impossible dream -- in 2008 id Software and EA had a publishing agreement to release Rage through the EA Partners program, which, today, would mean a release on Origin and no love for Valve. In 2009 id was purchased by ZeniMax Media, Bethesda's parent company, ending the EA agreement and landing us with Steamy love for Rage. Or Rageful love for Steam. Either way, it's hot.

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