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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is inspired by the power of the written word

Jordan Mallory

We're proud of and inspired by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain for giving Donna Summer some well deserved exposure as a poet and lyricist. So much so, in fact, that we've decided to share some selected inspirational words from one of our favorite poets, Jun Senoue:
All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake... I see the chaos, for everyone; who are we? What can we do?

Can't hold on much longer, but I will never let go. I know, it's a one way track. Tell me now how long this will last? I'm not going to think this way, nor will I count on others. Close my eyes, and feel the burn. Now, I see what I've got to do.

Open your heart, it's going to be all right.
Beautiful. So moving. We bid you join us in feeling empowered by the strength of the written word by reading our favorite webcomics from last week. After the break, feel free to vote for your favorite while enjoying a musical rendition of Jun Senoue's work.

(Brawl in the Family)
Sound And Fury (Penny Arcade)
Green Eggs and DRM (Virtual Shackles)
Oh, the Games You Won't Play! (Dueling Analogs)
Who's There (Awkward Zombie)
Sheep is Over (Life in Aggro)
Kid Vicious (GameOver Nation)


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