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Dota 2 Gamescom trailer ponders the nature of heroism [update]

Jordan Mallory

The International is right around the corner, and in order to get you hyped up for the global public debut of Dota 2, Valve has a question for you: "What does a hero truly need?"

If you listen to the gorgeously animated wizard/wiseman in the trailer above, a hero's needs depend on their circumstances. Archers may need speed, warriors may need strength, and floaty lightning people obviously need floaty lightning. If you listen to the millions of people anxiously awaiting the start of Gamescom, however, the answer is "immediate, total and unending access to this game."

Update: Proving once again that it's impossible to keep something this big under wraps, the deep, dark bowels of the internet have regurgitated these purported in-game screenshots. It's important to note that the veracity of these screens is still uncertain, and that we won't truly know how the game looks until later this week. For now though, let your feverish, detail-starved eyes feast.

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