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Harmonix's VidRhythm coming to iOS, is more app than game

Justin McElroy

We've been gnawing on the Harmonix-trademarked title "VidRhythm" since early July, but we've had little to go on, save for the name itself and the confirmation that it's a project the Rock Band/Dance Central developer is working on.

Thanks to a Gamasutra interview with Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos, we now know VidRhythm is headed to iOS and is really more app than full-fledged game. "We think there are a lot of creative opportunities [with smartphones] that we haven't really been able to focus on yet," he told the site. "So we're looking forward to doing more in that space."

We think we speak for most all of you when we say "Just make an iOS sequel to Frequency and Amplitude so we can give you all the money we have already."

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