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CrazyKinux ends his EVE Blog Pack

Shawn Schuster

If you're an EVE player, you've probably heard of David "CrazyKinux" Perry at some point. Affectionately known as CK for short, CrazyKinux has been instrumental in the development and growth of EVE Online's dedicated blogging and podcasting community. He helped either create or promote the largest parts of that community's online presence, from the Tweet Fleet to the EVE Blog Pack to EVE Blog Banter to several podcast hosting duties and more.

But sadly, CK has recently announced his retirement from his blog and presence in the EVE community. According to his final blog post, CK has been hired as the director of development for indie game studio Behaviour Interactive. He says he now will have the time to "play the darn game and read your blogs!" If you're interested in following post-blog CK, his new Twitter is @SocialDave. Best of luck, CK!

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