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Gamescom 2011: The Secret World launching April 2012 [Updated]


The secret is out: Funcom announced today at Gamescom that it will launch The Secret World in April 2012.

The highly anticipated title revolves around secret societies, real-world conspiracies, urban legends, and tricky mysteries. This launch will put the title in a head-to-head battle with TERA, which releases next spring as well.

Funcom also said that it will be inviting players to register starting August 26th for the upcoming beta. The invitation process will be made through "an interactive social media campaign," keeping with the title's fondness for ARGs and viral campaigning.

We'll be keeping an eye on Funcom this week to see what the company has to say about its launch plans.

[Updated: Hit the jump to watch the newest trailer for The Secret World!]

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