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Infamous 2: Festival of Blood gets Truly Bloody this October [update: trailer!]


Electro-monster Cole from Infamous 2 is now an electro-vampire in Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, available on PSN this October. In this downloadable game, New Marais is infested by vampires. Cole is bitten, and must find the head vampire before the night ends, to reverse his condition. Does electricity hurt vampires? We'll find out, we suppose. Also, can you make a vampire game set in Louisiana and avoid comparisons to both Interview with the Vampire and True Blood? This post has already proven that you cannot.

This was called a "brand new game available for download," which sounds more like a standalone PSN game than DLC.

Update: The PlayStation Blog confirms that you don't need any other Infamous games to play this. It also posted the above trailer.

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