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Modern Warfare 3 to have dedicated servers on PC

We've got some horrible news for a select few of our more easily-incensed readers: Those "Boycott Modern Warfare 3" shirts you've been printing up all month might not be necessary. According to IGN, Activision confirmed at Gamescom today that the PC version of the soon-to-be-hugely-successful shooter will support dedicated servers -- a reversal of a highly protested decision for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Of course, the privatization of servers could (see: will) lead to rampant cheating and modding, which in turn could throw off the contests which Activision's planning on hosting as part of the Call of Duty Elite social tools. Activision said it won't launch the game until it comes up with a solid anti-cheating solution for the platform. We suggest some variation on the honor system, but that's just because our hearts are virtuous and pure.

Update: A representative from Activision asked us to clarify that the PC game is on schedule and will launch with the other versions.

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