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New Rusty Hearts dev diary gets bossy


It's time yet again for another Rusty Hearts video dev diary. This time the focus is on the big baddies that players will be pitting their skills against in the anime-style brawler. We're talking, of course, about boss fights. As any brawler or beat-'em-up fan should know, no true game of the genre is complete without a challenging boss fight to cap off a level.

The dev diary introduces players to a couple of the early bosses they'll be encountering, such as the nasty Blood Skeleton and the hulking Butcher. In addition, it details the rewards players can reap for defeating these challenging fights, such as copious amounts of gold, high-quality equipment, and high-value loot cards. For the full diary, including some footage of players facing off against the game's many bosses, jump on past the cut for the full video.

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