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Plans reveal huge LA Apple Store expansion


The Santa Monica (California) Planning Commission is considering a proposal tomorrow for what appears to be a new, giant Apple Store for the L.A. area. While the building permit application delivered to the commission and architectural renderings don't specifically mention Apple as a tenant, the design of the proposed building is a dead giveaway that the company is planning to replace the existing Third Street Promenade store with this new location.

ifoAppleStore reports that the new facility would encompass almost 12,500 square feet of space, covered with a 34 foot tall arched glass roof. The existing Third Street Promenade store opened in July 2003 about two blocks away from the new location, and has been one of the Apple Store's busiest locations. It helps that the average household income within five miles of the store is $106,012, almost double the average for other Apple Stores.

The architecture of the proposed store is very similar to the Upper West Side store in NYC that opened in 2009, although that store has an angled front due to the shape of the property on which it is located. We'll keep you updated on the status of the proposed store after the meeting tomorrow.

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